Who owns and runs Cointelegraph? — MadBitcoins Live with Ian DeMartino

ZapChain recently asked: Who Owns and Runs CoinTelegraph? Today on MadBitcoins, we get answers.  

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  1. I really dislike Cointelegraph, along with coin desk I stopped reading their sites months ago, and so happy I did, most articals are based on how many clicks they can get as apposed to really new based of fact.

  2. Coin Telegraph contacted me to offer me btc for sharing and tweeting. I was to share their stories to all my twitter followers and facebook fans. It was a set btc amount per month, which was not a lot of money, but I agreed since the followers I have on that account are all bitcoin ones, and their content is bitcoin related.
    I figured I could get some btc for nice content. They paid for 2 months, then stopped. I went for a further month, tweeting every story they posted, and retweeting all their tweets, but they did not pay again. I tried to contact them on email and they did not respond. I tried to chat again on twitter like we had been conversing before, and they unfollowed me and so I could no longer contact them.
    I have since never shared or tweeted any of their content ever again to my facebook page or twitter profile.
    I was also contacted by another person locally who was in contact with CT and wanted to setup a local version of CT, and get me to write articles, and share the content to my followers, and I declined because of my experience with CT. That site has since stalled.

  3. +MadBitcoins Fun fact: CoinTelegraph offered me a blogging job twice. The second person didn't seemed to know I had already declined the first offer which I found odd at the time.  I declined because I actually dislike their sketch card gimmick, because of all the altcoin posts and because of a rumor I had read back when they were starting out. I did however can confirm that TLC being a "co-ceo" does was a rumor when DeMartino was at CT. But from an apparently recent interview, she seems to still be the CEO?


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