What is Bitcoin? The easiest explanation

No need to be a techie to understand Bitcoin, get the basics in just three minutes!

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  1. POWM I've almost doubled in 2 days because the price was so low. I bought at 1.50 and now they are at almost $3
    Put .25 ETH in that and IM up to .47ETH
    Thats my node for POWM and you need MetaMask for both
    PowH I put in .25 ETH and that one is at .29 ETH
    When I started that one 1 ETH would get you 69 tokens and now 1 ETH gets you 46 tokens
    So both are doing well. WAY more hype for POWH. Its everywhere. POWM is very new but chatter is growing which is why you can double up faster.


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