Tom Lee: ‘the chances of an ETF happening are 100%’ | Hodler’s Digest

Hodler’s Digest August 19-26
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SEC May Make U-Turn on Bitcoin ETF Rejections, While India and China Crack Down on Crypto Scammers. Plus comments from Tom Lee and Naeem Aslam on crypto markets and Bitcoin ETFs.



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Tom Lee: ‘the chances of an ETF happening are 100%’ | Hodler’s Digest



  1. Too much shilling is just as bad as too much FUD. Let's ask these analysts about what real data they have driving their predictions rather than just letting them randomly prognosticate. It's all in the details, not just shouting 10K! 20K! 100K! A MILLION! Real uses and utility in payments and smart contracts are what will drive BTC and ETH adoption. Price should reflect utility, it will not be the other way around.

  2. Why it so hard to listen to you. I have to prick all my attention to just understand what was said. At some instances the voice is sounding crooked and extremely hard to understand.

  3. News are implying opposite of what charts are showing
    The main manipulation is happening within the crypto news not on exchanges and charts because those sudden movements and spikes come after such news if you check. For instance the ETF fake hope to pump bitcoin and then sudden drop from 8.4k to 6k or all these shit coins that so many people are suffering from them or even the ETHEREUM itself as the platform for those ICOs. All of them were promoted by fake news and they have done nothing. Have you ever asked yourself when we have bitcoin as the internet of money that is programmable money and can be used in smart contracts, why do we need all these shit coins? Even if we need decentralization in those fields (that in most cases we don't need), they can use bitcoin instead of tokens.
    Be careful because they are starting again. I suggest you watch Alessio Rastani's recent video:

    and also check my tweets here:

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