“Bitcoin Is My First Love” | Hodler’s Digest

Hodler’s Digest Dec 31 – Jan 7
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The first week of 2019 was also a very important week for Bitcoin, which celebrated the 10th anniversary on January 3rd. Also this week: Stellar founder and Co-founder of Ripple Jed McCaleb thinks 90% of crypto projects are B.S., BitTorrent launches its own Tron-based token, Brian Armstrong reveals Bitcoin is his first love and Bakkt announces completing a $182.5 million funding round. Also – exclusive interview with Vinny Lingham and comments from Tom Lee.

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“Bitcoin is My First Love” | Hodler’s Digest



  1. Bitcoin hit it's low mid December at around $3,100. This is now pure consolidation stage, which can go on for a year before the next major bull run. Buy low sell high and buy low again, accumulation stage 2019.

  2. I disagree, the sentiment is far more positive than few weeks ago and getting better each day, there is so much negativity priced in, all the news about regulation is considered positively from now, new ATMS, atomic swaps, lightning network growth, EU regulation crpyto laws, India re-considering bitcoin ban, China to follow suit.. Of course there is a probability btc goes below 3k, but another reason why I dont believe this is going to happen, is, that a lot of youtubers said so, and this is a contrarian factor. Also many people look at btc and think its price is the most relevant due to perceived correlation, but this correlation has been broken recently, and look at altcoins, like ltc, ripple, eth, bch, smart guys (like me ;))) already started to buy cheap coins, going forward btc price is irrelevant and it will increase once altcoins increased by factor 2 to 3, then it is going to be huge increase, leaving many people out, missing the gain in altcoins, but trade some in low region sub 10k… I dont see any substantial gains in btc in 2019, but new ATHs in regard to altcoins.

  3. 200 projects succeeding… Yah no more like 2 to 3. None of this shit but bitcoin provides any value to me. If I have to convert fiat for a token to use whatever it is you are selling it better be something I actually want.

  4. One of my greatest fears today is what cryptocurrency is doing to this generation of business people. When ever i go online to read the news on cryptocurrency (i follow some in particular), i notice a lot of jargons being said and to crown it all, the news always ends with the acronym 'Hold On For Dear Life' which in my own opinion isn't a bad idea but holding on its own as done with stocks has its guiding principles which of course, nobody follows with crypto. People are not willing to find mentors, or learn the hard way but somehow believe buying and accumulating an asset as unstable, unpredictable and speculative as bitcoin will someday make them millionaires. One that particularly drives me nuts is a particular Wilson going about all channels and flooding them with 20,000 xrp will be life changing in 5 years. The truth is that holding onto 20,000 xrp or 50 btc in 5 years time may altogether wreck you emotionally because nobody can boast and say what the future holds for cryptocurrencies. What you should do is make use of an opportunity that presents itself while still in its useful state. Trading with the right combo of expertise, tools and advice is what will change your life not in 5 years time but perhaps in 5 weeks time if you know just what to do. Today, bitcoin is struggling with shifting supports and resistance in and around the $4,000 region and this is currently bitcoin at its most predictable state and position to realize great profit in trading. This is quite risky for newbies and intermediates so i would recommend an expert like Mr Mark Hall whose signals and trade strategies today are some of the greatest and most accurate in the crypto space. All you need to do is find such a person and seek his opinion and guidance on how you can get good and consistent profit trading bitcoins and you would ultimately see reasons in your results why hodling is such a risky move to make. You can mail Mr Mark Hall on markhall279@gmail. com

  5. Underrated YouTube channel. More people need to be subscribing to this. Also more regular content please <3 Even without the fancy guests or graphics, just content from your website in video form would be awesome

  6. Video I just watched said that Tron is full of bugs, they reached out to the Tron team, but they ignored the information, so beware of Tron. With a decent bank, you can make millions virtually overnight with crypto, it’s not hard.

  7. Vinny lingham's fud is the reason a sold a bunch of my btc at 900 and 1100 in 2017. He claimed insider information that he refused to disclose and insisted btc would drop to 400 and stay there. That was a mistake I can never recover from (unless his fud is right this time). I'm not taking anything he says seriously though, "fool me once".

  8. Be fearful when others are greedy be greedy when others are fearful .
    I am being greedy and people say tron is BS you don't understand they are growing steadily because they have achieved some real good milestones and already has 80+daaps


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