51% Attack, Free Speech Under Attack? | Hodler’s Digest

Hodler’s Digest Jan 7-13
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A 51% attack hits Ethereum Classic, Dave Rubin leaves Patreon and 70% of central banks are now looking into digital currencies.

Correction: Donald McIntyre is a former business developer at ETCDEV, not an Ethereum Classic developer as stated in the video.

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51% Attack, Free Speech Under Attack? | Hodler’s Digest



  1. For you noobs- Ethereum Classic IS the original Ethereum chain that was forked after a nasty hack in 2015 where a vast majority of the developers decided to migrate to the new forked chain where the hacker couldn't have access to his tokens. The result was that ETC devalued while ETH rose massively in value over the next few years.

    As far as what you should be holding in your crypto portfolio: mainly BTC and then a mix of some of the larger cap coins. This has been my strategy for a long time and is also what many professional traders recommend. As long as BTC remains the dominant trading pair it will be the most important crypto out there.


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